ePublisher 2015.1 Release Notes

ePublisher 2015.1 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Improvements

     * Conversions under non-English locales
     * Processing of non-Western content in Word and FrameMaker

   * Newly Supported

     * Operating System - Windows 10
     * Browser - Microsoft Edge

   * Deprecated

     * Operating System - Microsoft Windows Vista
     * Format - Microsoft Reader
     * Format - Palm Reader
     * Adapter - DITA-OT 1.4

   * Unsupported

     * Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP
     * Adapter - DITA-OT 1.2
     * Adapter - Microsoft Word 2003
     * Adapter - Adobe FrameMaker 6
     * Adapter - Adobe FrameMaker 7.2

 * Adobe FrameMaker

   * Support for FrameMaker 2015
   * Book publishing from the WebWorks menu inside FrameMaker
   * Support for FrameMaker Hotspots

 * Microsoft Word

   * Support for 64-bit Word versions (2010, 2013)
   * WebWorks menu conditional text improvements
   * Updates for SmartDocs 2014.1 compatability


   * Correction to white space handling issue introduced by 2014.1
   * Support for DITA-OT 2.1

     * Default for new projects remains at DITA-OT 1.8
     * DITA-OT 2.1 known issues:

       * Fails to process topics without an @id attribute
       * Parent/child links may not render if DITA map files
         are not top-level about child topic files

   * Upgrade from DITA-OT 1.8M2 to 1.8.5
   * Publishing of DITA topic files (non-production)
   * Style support for <itemgroup> and <menucascade> elements
   * Content chunking information reported in styles


   * Support for Apache FOP 2.0

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Emits XHTML5 markup rather than HTML5 markup
   * Improvements for hosting Reverb at a web site's root
   * Zoom enabled for mobile devices
   * Microsoft IIS Search - Expanded support for boolean search

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB1304  Eclipse Help - Breadcrumbs not implemented
  EPUB1336  WWHelp 5.0 - Uppercase skip words not ignored during search
  EPUB1367  Express - Sync Adapter configuration information

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB1093  Reverb - Use MutationObserver
  EPUB1178  DITA - Switch to args.filter from dita.input.valfile
  EPUB1195  Word - Enable 64-bit Word
  EPUB1251  DITA - topicmeta applied to nested DITA maps
  EPUB1255  ePublisher - Clean up Data folders in background thread
  EPUB1256  Images - Report progress in FrameMaker documents
  EPUB1261  DITA - DITA-OT 2.1
  EPUB1263  DITA - Publish topic files
  EPUB1307  Installer - Require Windows Vista or later
  EPUB1318  FrameMaker - Log when FrameMaker communication established
  EPUB1320  Formats - Restore navigation-top-style
  EPUB1321  Formats - Enable numeric inputs for vertical-align
  EPUB1322  AutoMap - Crash if jobs directory not available
  EPUB1325  PDF XSL-FO - Spaces not always preserved
  EPUB1326  Word DOCX - Not reporting font family on symbol characters
  EPUB1327  Word 2013 - Failure during PDF production
  EPUB1328  DITA - Whitespace not preserved in some instances
  EPUB1331  Word DOCX - Font hint handling not quite right
  EPUB1335  WWHelp 5.0 - Popups not visible in IE11
  EPUB1338  Reverb - Clicking on group links should display first topic
  EPUB1339  DITA - Default column widths should be relative percentage
            and not '72pt'
  EPUB1342  DITA - Incorrect whitespace handling for character runs in
  EPUB1347  DITA - Keyrefed glossentry not resolved
  EPUB1351  Word DOCX - Numbering not preserved in all cases
  EPUB1352  Reverb - Safari fails to load if content at site root
  EPUB1353  Reverb - Allow for @font-face entries in CSS files
  EPUB1355  Reverb - Clicking on TOC or Index after search results in
            poor behavior
  EPUB1356  SVG - Image info misreported on comma delimited locales
  EPUB1357  Reverb - Clicking Mini-TOC links in Google Chrome Desktop
            shows blank page
  EPUB1358  Formats - Enable embedding of generated CSS for single page
  EPUB1359  FrameMaker - Combine links when marker occurs in secondary
            text run
  EPUB1363  DITA - Description text duplicated on keyrefed xrefs
  EPUB1365  Word DOCX - Hyperlinks to local files not process due to
            Word compatibility behavior
  EPUB1366  Word DOCX - Locale decimal parsing issue
  EPUB1368  Word DOC - Generate WIF exception under French Locale
  EPUB1369  Word DOCX - Page breaks translated to line breaks
  EPUB1371  FrameMaker - Express menu to support books
  EPUB1372  Word - Infinite loop processing XREF replacements in
            unbalanced conditional text
  EPUB1373  AutoMap - Suspending a scheduled job does not suspend it
  EPUB1374  Reverb - Searching Microsoft IIS with NOT support improved
  EPUB1376  Word Menu - Localize strings without DLL
  EPUB1377  DITA - Remainder class not always used if parent
            @outputclass defined
  EPUB1379  Word Menu - Content disappears when applying conditions
  EPUB1380  Reverb - Failing to escape directory paths in IIS search
  EPUB1382  FrameMaker - Frames containing TextLine elements not
  EPUB1383  Reverb - Enable full-screen on embedded video
  EPUB1384  Reverb - Enable zoom on mobile devices
  EPUB1385  Word - HYPERLINK fields not processed in all cases
  EPUB1387  Word - Fields not associated with character style run
  EPUB1388  FrameMaker - Missing style information should be replicated
            from previous paragraphs TAKE 2
  EPUB1389  Reverb - Page not displayed following resize in
            Google Chrome
  EPUB1392  DITA - Add style entry for itemgroup elements
  EPUB1393  Word - Conditional text paragraph break handling incorrect
  EPUB1394  Formats - Suppress table caption in output if not present
            in source
  EPUB1396  Word - SmartDocs SetConditions failure
  EPUB1397  Reverb - Prevent search for '*'
  EPUB1399  CSS - Add position fixed, block types to character and
            image styles, etc.
  EPUB1401  Formats - Columns widths incorrect due to wrong starting
            column position
  EPUB1402  Word DOCX - Margin Left and Text Indent emitting twice with
            conflicting values
  EPUB1404  DITA - Update to DITA-OT 1.8.5
  EPUB1405  Word DOC - Hyperlink anchors incorrectly converted to
  EPUB1406  DITA - Incorrect handling of keyword inside indexterm
  EPUB1407  Reverb - Clicking on index entry causes Index panel to
            scroll back to top
  EPUB1408  FrameMaker - Replicate FrameType layout from Publisher 2003
  EPUB1410  MediaWiki - Corrected login during site initialization
  EPUB1411  DITA - Suppress processing of <area> elements in <imagemap>
  EPUB1412  Word - PDF showing incorrect style reference values in odd
            page headers
  EPUB1415  FrameMaker - PDF image layouts not always accurate
  EPUB1416  ePublisher - Optimize memory usage
  EPUB1417  ePublisher - Typo in resource 'ocurred' should be
  EPUB1418  FrameMaker - Variable to text conversion issue
  EPUB1419  FrameMaker - Support FrameMaker 2015
  EPUB1420  FrameMaker - Disable change bar updates during document
  EPUB1422  FrameMaker - Hotspot properties not supported
  EPUB1423  FrameMaker - Update plugins for 2015.1
  EPUB1424  FrameMaker - Remove detection/plugins for 6 and 7
  EPUB1425  Formats - Support Apache FOP 2.0
  EPUB1428  Reverb - Escape Merge Title when injected into 'connect.js'
  EPUB1429  DITA - Remove support for DITA-OT 1.2
  EPUB1433  AutoMap - Remove legacy mimic binaries for 2009.3 and
  EPUB1434  DITA - Failure resolving XREFs to structure elements
  EPUB1436  Formats - Test in Microsoft Edge browser
  EPUB1437  Reverb - Update 'Skin_Page.html' in plugins to match social
            icon updates for 2014.1
  EPUB1442  Reverb - Escape locale strings injected into .js
  EPUB1443  ePublisher - Ensure operation with Windows 10
  EPUB1444  Word DOCX - Hebrew numbering missing from output
  EPUB1445  Reverb - Change markup to emit XHTML5 instead of HTML5
  EPUB1448  Transit - Update help bundle and links to launch help from
  EPUB1449  ePublisher - Update Release artwork for 2015.1
  EPUB1454  Word - Inserted fields affected by 'All Caps' styling
  EPUB1456  DITA - Product Info markers sharing same ID in WIF
  EPUB1459  DITA - Flag headings for chunking
  EPUB1460  DITA - Cannot link to topichead element
  EPUB1461  DITA - Set default DITA-OT version to 1.8 while 2.1 bakes
  EPUB1465  Word - Support nested conditions
  EPUB1468  ePublisher - Cross-reference links expand to entire
  EPUB1470  FrameMaker - Image failure on nested bitmaps with
            negative offsets
  EPUB1471  Word - Failure processing DOCX files with hundreds of
            builtin styles