ePublisher 2022.1

On this page you will find information specific to the ePublisher 2022.1 release.

Release Info

Release Notes

Known issues as of: 2023-02-15

Defect Number Description Workaround Release.Build of Fix Format versions fixed
EPUB2476 DITA - missing installer files for open toolkit versions 3.3 and below 2022.1.4392
EPUB2475 Reverb 2.0 - SASS CSS files fail to copy from network drive 2022.1.4390
EPUB2474 Formats - Marker text in paragraphs processed as pass-through are improperly emitted 2022.1.4390
EPUB2473 Word - HTML/PDF image horizontal alignment now gets set by default 2022.1.4390
EPUB2472 DITA - 'codeph' text elements now default to a monospace font 2022.1.4390
EPUB2471 Formats - HTML/PDF image handling now uses `text-align` property for horizontal alignment 2022.1.4390
EPUB2470 DITA - default.wwconfig Head element name did not always control style name 2022.1.4390
EPUB2469 DITA - image `@align` creates additional Default Graphic style names with proper alignment 2022.1.4390
EPUB2468 DITA - xref elements used within lists do not display well on narrow screens 2022.1.4390
EPUB2467 DITA - Enable embedded HTML to be used within Foreign Element 2022.1.4390
EPUB2451 DITA - support HazardStatement Element with Unique Styles 2022.1.4365
EPUB2462 Reverb 2.0 - search input query supports asterisk as wildcard 2022.1.4365
EPUB2463 Helpers for 32-bit missing FOP-2.8, OT-3.7.4, OT-4.0 2022.1.4365
EPUB2464 DITA - prior to dita-ot-3.6.1 dita.org.base common strings cannot be used for Note type labels 2022.1.4365
EPUB2466 Build - Legacy Formats installer missing base format versions 2018.1 thru 2019.1 2022.1.4365

Known Issues Explained

We are dedicated to providing regular ePublisher updates throughout the year which include added features and functionality, improved performance, and important bug fixes. However, despite a thorough QA regimen, some issues are bound to slip through the cracks. Here is how we are going to address these issues.

In the days and weeks following each release, we will focus on identifying, diagnosing, and resolving those unforeseen issues that have the biggest impact on all WebWorks users. Those issues will be posted on the release page and the scheduled release in which the defect will be fixed shall be noted.

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