Now Announcing ePublisher 101

A four-hour training course designed to go over workflow, philosophy and basic concepts of ePublisher Designer and Express

Have you ever wondered why changing a heading in your source content didn't change it in your output? Need help determining the difference between targets and outputs or when to use them? Maybe you just want a more efficient way to work on your stationery. Then this is the course for you.

This course will utilize ePublisher's training workbook to train technical communicators on leveraging every aspect of ePublisher's advanced outputs.

Training Agenda

  • ePublisher Workflow
  • ePublisher Designer
  • Demonstration: Nested Paragraph Styles
  • Demonstration: Using Multiple Input Formats
  • Hands On: Designer
  • Targets and Stationery
  • ePublisher Express
  • Hands On: Express

ePublisher Training

The price for this training course is $275.00 per person. Group training discounts are available.

Follow the link below to see training dates, learn more about group discounts, and/or register to attend one of our upcoming ePublisher 101 training sessions.
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