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Show Me is an educational live webinar series dedicated to the development of ePublisher's new users as well as those catching up on the latest changes to the ePublisher platform. Whether you are new to the ePublisher platform or just looking for a refresher course, the Show Me series is the perfect tool for you.

With the release of ePublisher 2020.1, Show Me will be focusing on the new input format Markdown the months of October and November. We will also be offering extra dates (see below) for you to register to get a glimpse.

Markdown is a simple text format designed to convert into HTML. Designed for simple quick-release documentation, Markdown was not a viable input for professional document sets until now. Show Me will demonstrate standard Markdown syntax as well as the custom ePublisher syntax we developed to make Markdown a robust solution for any documentation sets.

Upcoming Show Me! Session:

Introduction to ePublisher

WebWorks helps you increase your product value by reducing the time it takes to publish, increasing time spent on building value in the documentation sent to your customer. One-Click Publishing is the optimal documentation publishing workflow because of its speed and accuracy. Create, generate, deliver – those are all the stages of One-Click Publishing. A simple workflow that is agile, flexible and intelligent so you can focus less on publishing and more on creating your message.

When: Tuesday, Oct. 6th
Thursday, Oct. 15th
Tuesday, Nov. 10th
Thursday, Nov. 19th
Where: Online Webinar (Register Today)
Presenter: Christopher Ward

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ePublisher understands that not everyone can plan their day around a dedicated webinar time slot. In our efforts to accomodate a larger audience base, ePublisher has cataloged all of its prior Show Me! sessions into an easily accessible archive. All of these sessions are available for download at your convenience. Visit the Show Me! Archive.

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